No Cash or Credit NeededIf you know where to look and develop the proper mind set, there are plenty of deals out there that you can put together without any cash or credit. Many very successful investors never put their own money into a deal. They take the attitude: “Why […]

Getting Properties without Using Your Own Money

Working SmarterHave you ever wondered whether or wished that there was a way to get into real estate investing without having to bring a large sum of money to the table? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make money in real estate even if your credit is not […]

Making Money when You Have No Money

A Strategy that Works in Any MarketNot long ago, but in a different economic era, speculators made huge profits flipping condos in Florida, Phoenix and Vegas before they were even constructed. Students of slick and glitzy gurus attended seminars in Las Vegas and ended up buying rental units at jacked-up […]

The Truth about Flipping Properties

Build a Profitable Buyer’s ListThe quickest, most direct means of making money in real estate is to engage in flipping. You can flip contracts for purchase and sale, or you can flip a property that you own. Both bring immediate profit, so long as you get the flip transaction completed […]

Build a Profitable Buyer’s List

Investor LendingWhile it is true that you need money if you expect to buy a real property, we have never said it has to be your money. The obvious alternative is O.P.M.: other peoples’ money. One of the easiest ways to find funding is to work with people whose job […]

Finding Money to Use

Exit Strategies for Getting Your Money Out of the DealLet’s say you have decided to invest in real estate. You can find a good deal, but you’re not quite sure what you should do with it. How do you ensure that you make a profit? You may have heard several […]

You Find a Good Deal; Now What?

Finding a StrategyAs a new real estate investor surveys all the possibilities within the general field of real estate investing, the view can become a little overwhelming. There are so many choices! Where to start first?To make sense of the potential, you are wise to keep things simple. For example, […]

A Three Strategy Game Plan

Choisir sa compagnie de gestion immobilière peut s’avérer une tâche très ardue.Parfois, même mettre toutes les pièces du puzzle ensemble peut vous créé des points d’intérrogation au-dessus de la tête.Pour certains investisseurs étrangers, cela peut-même virer en cauchemar. Quel compagnie appeler? Quel pourcentage dois-je donner à la compagnie chaque mois? […]

Comment choisir sa compagnie de gestion immobilière