Finder Program

U.S. Simple Maths is looking for distressed properties in the USA.

We are opening our doors for you to make some quick cash for a referral!

Patrol Craigslist and Facebook (Buy-Trade-Sell Groups, Investor Sites..etc)

stalk the MLS and find us the deals!

It’s that simple!

We are looking for motivated sellers: inherited properties, behind on mortgages, personal hardships, downsizing, divorce…anyone that needs us to step in and help!

If the lead pans out and we buy the property you will receive a $1000 Finders Fee at closing! Yes, you heard me right!

You only need to click on the finder program form below,fill it out and send it to us

(If you happen to know of a property out of State or land opportunities don’t hesitate to send them our way. Finders fee will be honored for these as well if we purchase.)

Go to this link and print the PDF on Dropbox

 Finder Program Form