Osteen St. Jacksonville

Osteen St. Jacksonville, FL 32210 

Osteen St. Jacksonville

$349 000

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Mathieu Bourgouin



This “mobile home park” constitutes 11 separate lots, each with one mobile home on it. So 11 mobile homes. All park-owned. Just bought a newer home in the process of being installed.

Certificate of Occupancy to be obtained imminently. 
Average rent is about $500/month per home. 
One of the home was completely rehabbed. But they are older homes, so maintenance expected. 
With a GOOD manager, this property can bring in $50k NOI easily.

Park Information

Number of MH Lots: 11

Total Occupancy: 50%

Average MH Lot Rent: $400

Financial Information (Pro Forma)

Gross Income: $66,000

Operating Expense: $10,600

Net Operating Income: $55,400

Expense Ration: 16,1%