What We Do?

We create a proven, long term investment strategy to reach your retirement and passive income goals.

We manage the entire process including property selection, renovation and property management.

We carefully select properties in neighborhoods that feature high rents and low property values providing you with positive cash flows and investment returns.

We manage the entire process from investment strategy, property selection, renovation and property management creating a truly passive experience.

For over 2 years we’ve built investment portfolios providing clients with the monthly cash flow and equity needed for retirement.

Need Consulting?

You have already invested in real estate but know what to do to bring your investment to next level?

Let our experienced team guide you through the process and grow your portfolio faster.

Our Services Include:

  • Development of long-term financial plans

  • Performance management and improvements

  • Evaluate current staffing and organization

  • Determine required resources, develop an operational plan and provide ongoing monitoring and reporting

  • Advisory services related to buying and selling process

  • Property valuation and real estate advisory services

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